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TELUS International becoming TELUS Digital Experience

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Our brand evolution

Since its inception, TELUS International has been on an impressive journey. Through strategic acquisitions, organic growth and development, and the establishment of key technology partnerships over the past 20 years, our company has steadily assembled a differentiated end-to-end suite of innovative digital and IT products and services that have kept pace with our customers’ needs. As the next step in this evolution, we are rebranding to TELUS Digital Experience.

Our rebrand, finalizing in Q3 2024, reflects how far we have progressed from our modest beginning as a single site in the Philippines to a future-focused company, spanning 32 countries around the world and committed to the design, build and delivery of exceptional digital experiences.

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AI-fueled CX partner of choice

TELUS Digital Experience is more than just a name. It articulates our differentiated services — leveraging our talented people and powerful digital technologies, including AI, to enable engaging digital customer journeys for the brands we serve. As the AI-fueled CX partner of choice, the rebrand reinforces our commitment to helping our more than 650 clients meet their customers' needs by responsibly leveraging the latest in AI technologies, supported by empathetic human experiences. Our steady pace of digital innovation includes:

  • GenAI Jumpstart - Eight-week virtual assistant prototype
  • Fuel iX - Enterprise-grade AI engine for CX
  • Fine-Tune Studio - Fine-tuning task execution platform for AI training data
  • Experts Engine - On-demand sourcing of human expertise for complex AI training datasets

Leveraging our TELUS legacy

As we embark on this brand journey, we have the opportunity to reinforce what it means to be part of the TELUS family, where we will continue to benefit from the global recognition of the TELUS brand, including the company’s brand promise — let’s make the future friendly.™ Within the CX discipline, rapid advances in technology and new AI offerings can lead to uncertainty around usability, safety and privacy. Our brand promise is an invitation to use technology for good, to ensure responsible AI, and to empower the digital CX journeys of our global clients while remaining human-centered and purpose-driven in a digital world.

Our journey begins

We look forward to embarking on the next chapter of this journey with you! When fully launched, TELUS Digital Experience will continue to offer end-to-end digital CX innovation and digital transformation experiences to global and disruptive brands. This includes our full range of solutions encompassing digital CX strategy, AI data solutions, AI-fueled CX, digital IT and trust & safety solutions.

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